S. Debol Vendo 81b Coke Machine Restoration

Machine was delivered to me for complete restoration

Machine has been torn down and all parts sorted for restoration process

Main Body is at body shop for Media blasting to remove all old paint, rust and grime and then will be preped for  body work and painting

All internal Parts that are to be powder coated are sorted and brought to the Powder Coater to get blasted and then a nice coat of Silver Sparkle Powder on inner Tub, Shelves and some bottle stack components as well as some other small parts.

Once body is Back from paint the newly polished "ORIGINAL" Stainless Steel Trim gets reattached to main cabinet and door.

New insulation goes into main tub and door body

New Breaker strips on cabinet are installed and it's ready for Bottle stack , Shelves and Compressor

Bottle stack is complelty dissasembled and all parts cleaned, polished, some powdercoated. Once done, it's all reassembles, lubed and tested and installed into cabinet

All Shelves are treated with Muratic Acid to remove old Galvanizing and then Blasted clean, then powder coated.  Origianl wheels reinstalled along with spring and slide then reinstalled into machine

Main door: ,gets newly wired Light assembly kit with new wiring, Ballast and Bulb, New insulation and new Door liner. New Rubber Gasket is installed around edge to ensure a tight seal.

Main door is hung on Cabinet and ready for other parts.

Coin Mechanism is completly broken down, replated and assembled then hung on door. All Door accessories are replated, painted polished or Chromed and reinstalled.

Coin Bezel Entry is rechromed as well as Main door Handle, and Vend Lever. All is installed onto machine

Main Bottle Door gets all new glass, new Gasket and bottle door handle. Original "Have a Coke" emblem is used if in OK shape otherwise we can use a reproduction.

Final decals are applied to machine as per original size and placement from factory.

Cooling unit, if original is restored gets stripped down after initial testing, its gets cleaned and repainted and then new Fan motors, thermostat and wiring are installed . Main unit is retested and then installed in Machine for final adjustments and testing. If original is not restored, we install the newly purchased pre made system from "Global Compressors" and install.

Machine is tested for proper operation, then prepped for pickup or shipping of so required.