Customer asked me to find a Cavalier 72 Coke machine to restore for him.  I located one locally ,purchased it and will restore it for him.

Machine has been torn down and all parts sorted for restoration process

Main Body is at body shop for body work and painting

All internal parts are cleaned and either sent off for powder coating , plating, painting or polishing.

Main cabinet is back from paint as well as door.. dropped off door for hand painting of logo.

once it's all back from paint, reassembly will begin.

Main Cabinet is reassembled with all new insulation, gaskets and breaker strips. New Drain Tube installed.

Main door is reassembled with new wiring, insulation and gaskets. Powder coated main door is reinstalled all with new hardware.

Main door is hung on cabinet

Cooling unit is checked over, rewired and reinstalled into unit...

Coin Door is reassembled with new facebplate and accessories and hung on main door.

Coin mech is rebuilt and test and reinstalled.

Bottle door glass is replaced in door and reinstalled onto main door.

Bottle stack is rebuilt and installed in cabinet along with all shelves.

Grahics are applied to cabinet and waiting on a few more.. then will be complete.