Pfister Cavalier 96 Coke Machine Restoration

Machine was delivered to me for complete restoration. It was painted Pepsi blue and embossing was covered up but was shown from the back, so we thought we could save it..

Machine has been torn down and all parts sorted for restoration process

Main Body is at body shop for body work and painting. original embosseing was just pushed in a bit , and some hammer marks to it but should be able to get most of it out and make it look great!.

All internal parts are cleaned and either sent off for Powder coating , plating, painting

or polishing.

Body is back from paint, all internal parts are cleaned, powder coated and reassembled

main cabinet is assembled with powder coated tub, new insulation , breaker strips and 


Main door is reassembled , all new insulation, glass on bottle door, refurb coin mech

main door hung on cabinet, cooling unit rebuilt and installed, bottle stack rebuilt and 

installed, shelves powder coated and installed.

unit all assembled, final decals, finishes, and ready for shipping

item is custom crated and palletized to be shipped to new home.