Machines were delivered to me for complete restoration, customer sent V81D and V63. Vendo 81 will be done first.

First was to get the chrome and Coin mech sent in as this can take some time.

removed and shipped off for replating.

Machine was completely stripped down and all sorted for Paint, Polish, Powder, and general cleanup.

Bottle stack was completely dissassembled and ready for refinishing.

Main door was recieved back from paint and was then dropped off at sign painter to get the Logo re-applied by hand.

Main Cabinet is due back soon as well..

Main Cabinet is back and assembled with all new insulation, gasket and breaker strips.

Main Door is assembled with new insulation, door liner and rubber gasket and hung on main cabinet

Reedy to install main coin door, restored mech and other parts soon.

Installed main door and coin door, bottle door and restored coin mech.

Final Graphics , kickplate and all accesories installed and machine is ready to go!