Machines were delivered to me for complete restoration.

unit was stripped down of all parts and sorted for restoration, Cabinet sent off for sandblasting and prep for body work and paint.

all internals where stripped, blasted or cleaned for prep for paint or Powder coating pending their application.

Cabinet and Door parts are back from paint, powder and finishing, all parts are reassembled with new insulation in main cabinet area and then newly powdered tub installed. New Rubber Gaskets are installed.

Door is reassembled with new door liner, gaskets and fasteners.

internals are taken apart and cleaned, painted, powdered and then reassembled for years of trouble free service.

All internals are reassembled into the machine, coin mech, shelves, compressor is rebuilt and reinstalled.

Graphics are applied to outside of machine.

Redone bottle stack and wiring reinstalled as well as reconditioned Compressor, new fan motors, wiring ,thermostat, etc.

machine is run for a few days for testing and passed with flying colors.. runs and cools as should , vends on a dime!

Ready for shipping.