D. Barnes Vendo 56 COKE MACHINE Restoration

Machine was delivered to me for complete restoration

Machine had been in a flood and needed to be totally redone!

Machine has been torn down and all parts sorted for restoration process

Main Body is at body shop for body work and painting

All internal parts are cleaned and either sent off for Powder coating , plating, painting or polishing.

Cabinet is very rusty inside and will require all new bottom pan and lots of the beltline metal to be cut out and replaced.

New metal was cut in for the badly rusted areas and refinished to new. New lower pan as well.

body and door are painted and off to get hand lettered

insides are all powder coated and reassmbly has begun..

cooling unit has been checked over and been rewired, new fan motors, thermostat and reassambled.

Final Assembly has begun, all new insulation, gaskets, rubber, seals, breaker strips and door liners are installed during reassembly will all new stainless steel hardware.

all new glass in bottle door

newly restored coin mech reinstalled with chromed crank handle.

final decals applied and machine is ready to go out the door.