Anderson Vendo 39 "CONVERSION" Machine Restoration

This is a Rare Vendo 39 Conversion machine brought into the shop today.

This is a Vendo 39, but a conversion kit to allow it to vend multiple choices of bottle flavors was installed. This kit was made and installed however the vending drum had been removed.

The kit would allow the drum to spin freely until the bottle desired would line up in the 3 selection window. Once the selection is made, the drum locks in place once a coin is inserted and the handle depressed. There is a small Plexiglass door that opens once the coin lever is pressed to allow access to the bottle.

We are going to attempt to restore the machine back to the way the conversion version was.

Machine was delivered to me for complete restoration

Machine has been torn down and all parts sorted for restoration process

Main Body is at body shop for body work and painting

All internal parts are cleaned and either sent off for Powder coating , plating, painting or polishing.

I have purchased the required parts that where missing to allow it to vend.

Main Cabinet and door are blasted, straightened and repainted.

Main door is off to Sign painter to get logo re-painted back on by hand.

Internals are still being plated and prepped for reinstallation.

Main Cabinet is reassembled with new insulation, breaker strips and ready for internals.

Main door is back from lettering and is assembled with new gasket and powdered inner door liner. hung on cabinet and coin door installed.

After trying to figure out how to get the conversion to work, we realized we are missing one major component. the gear assembly to control the basket is MISSING. and will be impossible to find, or make.

I have only see photos of part of it and no idea how it actually works.

we'll have to scrap the conversion restoration, and go back to stock.

We ordered the necessary parts to complete the machine back to stock and installed the indexing mech, ratchet assembly and new drum.

Final touches where added, mounted coin entry bezel and final decals. machine is ready to go!