ALEXANDER VENDO 56 Restoration

Machine was delivered to me for complete restoration

Machine has been torn down and all parts sorted for restoration process

Main Body is at body shop for body work and painting

All internal parts are cleaned and either sent off for Powder coating , plating, painting or polishing.

Main Cabinet door is done and hand painting of lettering is also done and looks great.

Main Cabinet should be back soon and the reassembly can begin.

Main Door is reassembled with all new insulation , Gaskets and door liner. Ready to hang on cabinet when that is done this week.

Main Cabinet is redone with all new insulation, breaker strips and gaskets. Powder coat tub installed

Bottle dispensing rack is rebuilt after complete dissasembly, cleaning, powder coating, polish and reassembly.

All Bottle Racks are powder coated and reinstalled

Main door hung on cabinet. Rebuilt Coin mech installed, all hardware redone and hung on main door.

Machine is done and is AWESOME!